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Wells Fargo Working Hours – Holidays, ATM, Drive Thru Hours

This is probably considered as one of the unpleasant feelings in this world, where you are in a dead hurry, has a lot of work written on your checklist, you go out of the home to do all your bank chores first, but unfortunately found that it is closed. And now, you have to reschedule everything you had planned for the day. So, according to us, checking the working hours of the bank or any place with restricted visiting time is pretty much a wise idea, and it is thus advisable.

Though you are an old-time customer of the bank and might know all the bank schedule, the active hours in different banks such as Wells Fargo, keeps changing their active bank hours, during holidays or even during month and year endings. So, once you have obtained a clear knowledge about the opening and closing hours of Wells Fargo, it is easier to design your other daily chores.

The Internet is a trustworthy opinion to search whether the Wells Fargo branch near you is open or not. Yet, sometimes you might receive some false information regarding the same as well. So, to give you guys a clear knowledge of the Well Fargo bank hours, we are curating this article with all the possible information we can find. So, stay tuned!

Wells Fargo Bank Hours

Wells Fargo is one of the largest banking institutions of the United States of America, so pretty obviously some respective branches of this bank remain pretty full throughout the day. Moreover, there are specific lunch hours and a small recess tie for the employees there. So, knowing the exact Wells Fargo active hours are pretty important to do all your important banking work in time.

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In today’s time, when everything is there on the Internet, knowing when a place is open and when it is going to be closed is not that tough and intimidating. And this particular article is also concentrating on the same. So, those days are gone, when you drive through your bank branch to find it closed. To help you even more in this aspect, we also included their Holiday lists and the Wells Fargo banking hours during special holidays as well.

About Well Fargo

We are saying the name Well Fargo, at least a hundred times by now, but never mention a word about who they are and what they do basically. Wells Fargo is one of the leading multinationals in the United States, specializes in all kinds of financial services and all. The earliest history of Wells Fargo dates back to the days of the California Gold Rush, during 1848, where entrepreneurs from all over America gathered in California to earn the double and triple amount of profit from their businesses, then the rather usually earn.

After carefully studying the budding economy of California, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo came up with the idea of building a safe space. Where people can keep their money, can lend some whenever in need, and also can earn some pennies, just for keeping them with the organization. And that is how the Foundation of Wells Fargo started building on.

With extremely optimistic visions of making all of their financial services most profitable for the customers, Wells Fargo is there in the business for around some 172 years. The core values of this particular organization roam around ethical yet extremely diverse concepts in Banking business, which helps every customer to take advantage of the competitive policies and help them to build their lead over their finances.

These values and visions of Wells Fargo also help them to acquire the position of a fourth-largest bank of not on in the USA by in the entire world in terms of total assets and market capitalization, respectively. 

Wells Fargo Hours of Operation on Regular Days

What are the hours for Wells Fargo bank? As we have mentioned earlier, Wells Fargo is one of the landing banks in the USA, so pretty obviously, they almost have around 5000 branches all over the country. In the case of ATMs, the number will easily exceed 10000. So, you are going to find at least one Wells Fargo branch near you. Wells Fargo remains open from Mondays to Fridays for a particular tenure of 8 hours all over the 5000 locations. The full Wells Fargo office hours are mentioned below.

Wells Fargo Hours Today

Wells Fargo Business Hours – WeekdaysWells Fargo Opening HoursWells Fargo Closing Hours
Monday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Tuesday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Wednesday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Thursday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Friday09.00 AM05.00 PM

Though most of the Wells Fargo locations close at 05.00 pm, there are a few which extended their working hours to 9 hours from Monday to Friday and closed at 06.00 pm.

Wells Fargo Saturday Hours & Sunday Hours

So, What are Wells Fargo weekend hours? For the sake of their customers only, Wells Fargo also keeps its branches open on Saturdays as well. Though the working hour is reduced to half on Saturdays, it can be very helpful for customers who can only make time for all their banking chores on Saturdays. Every Wells Fargo branch in the USA keeps closed on Sundays.

Wells Fargo Branch Hours on Weekends

Wells Fargo Times – WeekendsWells Fargo Open HoursWells Fargo Close Hours
Wells Fargo Hours Saturday09.00 Am 12.00 Am
Wells Fargo Hours SundayClosed Closed

There are some Wells Fargo branches there in some states of the United States, which keeps open until 01.00 pm in the noon, to provide their customers with some extra privileges. And also, there are very few Wells Fargo locations in there, which keep closed on Saturdays as well along with Sundays. 

Wells Fargo ATM Hours

Along with their enormous number of branches all over the USA, Wells Fargo also has over 13,000 ATM counters in different states of the country. So, if you are facing an emergency cash crunch and also do not have the time to go to your Wells Fargo branch to withdraw some, ATM’s are the only and undoubtedly the best way to save your day. And to add much relief to the customers also, every Wells Fargo bank ATMs keep open 24×7 all year long. So, going to withdraw some cash even in the middle of the night is now possible and easy with 24 hours Wells Fargo ATMs.

Wells Fargo Drive Thru Hours

The drive-through feature is one of the many interesting features put out by the Wells Fargo bank, to please their customers. Drive through is a system, which empowers customers to do all the basic banking functions, without any intervention from the banking officials or even going to the bank. In the Drive-through system, there are some automated machines installed, which can guide the customers to do banking functions like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfers, etc. on their own.

Along with their regular branches and ATM facility, Wells Fargo also set up additional working hours for their Drive-through systems. Just like the regular Wells Fargo branches, their drive-up is also well coordinated for the greater good of the customers. The drive-up hours for Well Fargo branch are as follows:

Wells Fargo Timings for Drive Thru

Wells Fargo Drive Through Hours – DaysWells Fargo Drive-up Opening HoursWells Fargo Drive-up Closing Hours
Monday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Tuesday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Wednesday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Thursday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Friday09.00 AM05.00 PM
Saturday09.00 AM12.00 PM

Wells Fargo Holiday Hours

As Wells Fargo is bound to follow the federal rules, in terms of Holidays, they are fully closed for a total of 10 days in a financial year, in all their locations in the United States. Other than these National Holidays and Sundays, Wells Fargo will continue their service for the rest of the year for the aforesaid time duration. But there is one thing that has to be mentioned that, the Holiday list is only applicable for the regular bank branches and Drive-ups only. The Wells Fargo ATMs will be opened for 24×7 as usual.

On which holidays Wells Fargo Open?

  • Presidents’ Day
  • Good Friday
  • Columbus Day
  • Day Before Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

What holidays are Wells Fargo closed?

Wells Fargo closed days are,

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labour Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Wells Fargo Hours Near Me

There are around 5000 Well Fargo Branches in the United States of America, along with some 13,000 ATMs. So, it is pretty obvious that there must be one or two branches and some quiet numbers of ATMs around your location. To find out the Wells Fargo near me hours, refer to the “Store Locator” section on the Wells Fargo official website, and you can find the nearest Wells Fargo branch, either manually or just by letting the website auto-detecting your device location. 

From the store locator section on the Wells Fargo website, you can find the opening and closing hours for Wells Fargo respective branch, along with the detailed address and also a map, identifying the location.

What makes Wells Fargo unique than Other Banks?

Wells Fargo is the fourth-largest bank in the entire world. There should be no doubt about the fact that Wells Fargo is pretty different and unique from all the others in the business. From their interacting and accurate financial strategies to excellent customer friendly services, Wells Fargo is different and unique in multiple aspects in true sense. Moreover, the huge numbers of regular bank branches along with emergency ATM’s and new-age Drive-up facility, Wells Fargo is making it easier for the customers only to do their banking chores in their own time. 

Wells Fargo Contact Details

Here are some contact details of Wells Fargo that are mentioned below to help you find you are more about this particular bank. One can also leave their queries and grievances via these contact details as well.


Customer Care Contact Number: 1-800-869-3557

Wells Fargo Customer Service Hours: Wells Fargo bank hours of operation for customer support is 24×7. So, for any problem, you can make use of their Wells Fargo 24 hour customer service any time.

Wells Fargo Wikipedia

Brief Info about Wells Fargo
Founded1852 in San Francisco, California
FounderHenry Wells, William Fargo
GenreBanking, Financial Services, Insurance
Headquarters420, Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California, USA
No. of locations8050 branches (by 2018) and 13000 ATM (by 2018)
RevenueUS$ 86.40 BILLION (2018)
Key peopleElizabeth Duke(chair), Charles Scharf (President and CEO), John R Shrewsberry (CFO), C.Allen Parker (general counsel)


What time does Wells Fargo close?

Wells Fargo closes at 05.00 PM on the weekdays and at 12.00 PM on the Saturdays.

What time does Wells Fargo open?

Wells Fargo hour to open is 09.00 AM from Monday to Saturday.

Is Wells Fargo open on Monday?

Wells Fargo hours Monday are, it opens at 09.00 am on Mondays.

What time does Wells Fargo close on Fridays?

Wells Fargo closes at 05.00 pm on Fridays.

What time does Wells Fargo open on Friday?

Wells Fargo hours are, it opens at 09.00 am on Friday.

What time does Wells Fargo close on Monday?

Wells Fargo closes at 05.00 pm on Mondays.

What time does Wells Fargo close on Thursday?

Wells Fargo closes at 05.00 pm on Thursdays.  

What time does Wells Fargo lobby close?

Wells Fargo lobby closes at 05.00 pm on weekdays and 12.00 pm on Saturdays, according to official Wells Fargo lobby hours.

Is Wells Fargo open on Saturday?

Yes, Wells Fargo is opening on Saturday

Is Wells Fargo open on Sunday?

No, Wells Fargo will be closed at all their locations on Sunday.

What time does Wells Fargo close on Saturday?

Wells Fargo closing time is 12.00 pm on Saturdays.

What time does Wells Fargo open on Saturday?

Wells Fargo open time is 09.00 am on Saturdays.

What time does Wells Fargo close on Sunday?

Wells Fargo is completely closed on Sundays.

What time does Wells Fargo open on Sunday?

Wells Fargo is completely closed on Sundays.

What Time Does Wells Fargo Drive-thru Open?

Wells Fargo drive-thru opens at 09.00 am.

What time does Wells Fargo drive-thru close?

Wells Fargo time to close drive thru is 05.00 pm.

Is Wells Fargo open on Good Friday?

Yes, Wells Fargo will be opened on Good Friday. Wells Fargo Good Friday hours are same as its business hours.

Is Wells Fargo open on Black Friday?

Yes, Wells Fargo will be open on Black Friday. And Wells Fargo Black Friday hours are 9 am to 5 pm which are the regular hours.

Is Wells Fargo open on Christmas eve?

Yes, Wells Fargo will be open on Christmas Eve. Also, Wells Fargo Christmas Eve hours might be the shortened hours than the regular timings in some locations.

Is Wells Fargo open on New Years eve?

Yes, Wells Fargo is open on New Year’s Eve. Wells Fargo New Year’s Eve hours are same as regular hours, but some closes earlier in a few locations.

Is Wells Fargo open on Columbus Day?

No. Wells Fargo will be closed on Columbus Day in all their locations.

Is Wells Fargo open on Veterans Day?

No, Wells Fargo will not be open on Veterans Day.

Is Wells Fargo open on Labor Day?

No, Wells Fargo will be closed on Labor Day.

Is Wells Fargo open on presidents day?

No, Wells Fargo is closed on President’s Day.

Is Wells Fargo open on MLK day?

No, Wells Fargo is not open on MLK day?

Is Wells Fargo open on holidays?

No, Wells Fargo is not opening on national Holidays.

Who owns Wells Fargo?

Berkshire Hathaway is the current owner (10%) of Wells Fargo.

Where is Wells Fargo headquarters?

Wells Fargo headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

What time does Wells Fargo direct deposit?

The direct deposit in the Wells Fargo by ACH network has to be submitted before 09.00 am.

Does Wells Fargo release funds early?

Yes, Wells Fargo releases Funds early, if you make your deposit on the first hour of a said business day.

What time does Wells Fargo make funds available?

Wells Fargo is making the funds available on the next business day. The customer deposits their requirements.


Here you can go through Wells Fargo’s active hours on regular days and during weekends and holidays as well. So, from the next time, when you make plans to go to the bank to do some regular banking chores. We have curated all the necessary details about the Wells Fargo hours are here to keep each and everyone well aware of when to go to the Wells Fargo near you. Hopefully, this will help each one of you in this aspect as well.

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